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  • How do I redeem a deal?
    1. Create account, select membership and log in at 2. Click on the deal you wish to redeem and to see more details. 3. When it’s time to pay for your order, click the “Redeem Deal Now” button. 2. Upon confirmation, your deal will be activated with a countdown timer and a timestamp. (The confirmation action can’t be undone so only redeem deals when you are ready to show restaurant staff) 3. Clearly show the Activated Deal screen (which will have confetti falling) to restaurant staff, to confirm your deal and earn your savings. 4.Once confirmed by staff, click the “Deal has been shown to staff” button. 5. Optional: Enter savings amount into Savings Tracker!
  • Are all Plant Curious Deals vegan?
    Yes! While we do partner with some restaurants that aren’t fully vegan, all Plant Curious deals feature strictly vegan options. Exclusively vegan restaurant partners will have a ‘Fully-Vegan Establishment’ badge on their expanded deal image!
  • How often are new deals added?
    New deals will be added continuously throughout the entire year, with a new deal popping up every 2-3 weeks, keeping your plant-based options fresh and exciting!
  • How does the free trial work?
    If you first try Plant Curious with a Free Trial you will get access to all of our plant-based deals in both Vancouver and Toronto (except for our sign up bonuses) The sign up bonuses are usually free credits that are only available once you move from your free trial to a paid plan. If you want to cancel before moving to a paid plan, it is super, super easy to do so! Log into your Plant Curious account, click on 'settings', then 'manage subscription' and then click 'cancel subscription'. It is super, super easy to cancel. If you cancel, you will still have access to all of your Plant Curious deals until the trial period ends. We hope you enjoy our plant-based deals and decide to stay on! As one deal can sometimes save more than the cost of an entire years membership.
  • Can I purchase as a gift ?
    Yes! You can buy a Plant Curious Membership as a gift! Email and we can set it up for you.
  • How much can I save with a single deal?
    The majority of Plant Curious Deals will save you more than $10. It’s quite common to find single deals with savings near $20. In the past, Plant Curious has even featured single deals saving members up to $40 at one time!! That's more than an entire membership.
  • Which restaurants are featured?
    Our featured restaurants are always changing to keep things exciting! You’ll be sure to find some of the most well-known plant-based spots mixed in with some hidden gems that you’ve never heard of! We've featured deals to over 100 vegan-friendly restaurants across Vancouver and Toronto.
  • Can I use my deals for dine-in and take-out?
    Yes! Most restaurants allow dine-in and take-out unless otherwise indicated (e.g. "Dine-In Only"). You'll see dining options indicated under the deal image when you click to expand a deal, so be sure to check there! See image for visual clarification.
  • Are any of the deals gluten-friendly?
    Yes! Each deal with a gluten-friendly option will be indicated as such so there is no guesswork! The "Gluten-Friendly Deal Option" indication is displayed below the deal image when you click to expand the deal. See image for visual clarification. If you want to order the gluten-friendly option, please specify when ordering. Note: if you have celiac dietary needs, you will need to confirm with the restaurant if their gluten-friendly option is also celiac-friendly.
  • What type of deals will I see included?
    You will find many types of deals with savings mostly between 25%-50%!! We regularly feature deals that save you 50%, such as 'Buy 1, Get 1 Free'! You won't want to miss them!
  • I only dine out once a month or less, is it still worth it?
    Yes! A great thing about a Plant Curious Membership is that it pays for itself very quickly! You’ll save more than your membership with the use of only 2-3 deals! (Not even including your bonus sign-up credits!) Will you eat out more than twice in a year? If yes, then this is a no-brainer! Also, a Plant Curious Membership provides a great way to find restaurants you’ve never been to before and plant-based dishes you’ve never even heard of!
  • How long does my membership last? How long do I get access to the deals?
    You will get a full 365 days (as an Annual Member) or 30 days (as a Monthly Member) from the date of purchase! (Much more flexible than our printed Plant-Based Deals Books in the past that had set expiry dates, no matter your date of purchase!)
  • I’m from outside the city; does an Annual Membership make sense for me?
    If you love eating plant-based and visit the city 2 or more times in a year, your savings should be more than the price of a membership! You can easily save more than an annual membership in just one weekend. We will also have some deals outside of the city... so you might not even have to visit Vancouver or Toronto once for your Plant Curious membership to be advantageous! Depending on which restaurant you visit, you can more than break even on your first deal!
  • I’m visiting Toronto/Vancouver! Are there any Plant Curious Options for me?
    You should check out our Monthly Membership! For just $9.99 you get access to all Plant Curious Deals for 30 days. Cancel your membership subscription easily at any time, by clicking on the “Manage Subscription” tab.
  • What kind of deals do you provide?
    All deals feature plant-based items from local, vegan-friendly restaurants; and sometimes our Annual Members will get offers for vegan events, vegan retail products and/or vegan services!
  • Do I have to re-purchase my membership every year or every month?
    Nope. Both Annual Memberships and Monthly Memberships are subscription based, so they will automatically renew until you choose to cancel.
  • What if a merchant won’t honour my deal?
    Restaurants do reserve the final right to honour deals. However, if this occurs please let us know by email at so we are aware of the issue and can contact the restaurant directly to work towards a resolution.
  • Having tech issues?
    If so, please let us know via email at or Instagram direct message at @thisisplantcurious We appreciate your feedback as we get this launched!
  • Have other questions?
    Is there something you’re still wondering about? Send us an email: Send us a DM through Instagram: @thisisplantcurious

If you have a question, check out our most frequently asked questions below to help you out!

If you still can't find an answer, feel free to send us an email at

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