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  • How do I redeem a deal?
    1. Create account, select membership and log in at 2. Click on the deal you wish to redeem and to see more details. 3. When it’s time to pay for your order, click the “Redeem Deal Now” button. 2. Upon confirmation, your deal will be activated with a countdown timer and a timestamp. (The confirmation action can’t be undone so only redeem deals when you are ready to show restaurant staff) 3. Clearly show the Activated Deal screen (which will have confetti falling) to restaurant staff, to confirm your deal and earn your savings. 4.Once confirmed by staff, click the “Deal has been shown to staff” button. 5. Optional: Enter savings amount into Savings Tracker!
  • Are all Plant Curious Deals vegan?
    Yes! While we do partner with some restaurants that aren’t fully vegan, all Plant Curious deals feature strictly vegan options. Exclusively vegan restaurant partners will have a ‘Fully-Vegan Establishment’ badge on their expanded deal image!
  • How long does Vancouver's Plant-Powered Bingo Last?
    Vancouver's Plant-Powered Bingo start on Tuesday, May 7th and end on Wednesday, May 29th.
  • What are the Prizes for Plant-Powered Bingo?
    MAIN PRIZE ($1000+ value): Winner announced May 30, 2024 9 x $50 gift cards to all participating Bingo Restaurants 2 Planted Expo Vancouver Tickets 2 Planted Expo VIP Tickets with Dr. Michael Greger 1 Plant Curious Annual Membership And more from Herbaland, Blume, Prairie Goodness and Terracotta Tummy! COLOUR PRIZES ($350+ value each): 3 winners announced May 30, 2024 3 x $25 gift cards to all restaurants of that colour (Blue, Red or Yellow) 2 Planted Expo Vancouver Tickets 1 Plant Curious Annual Membership And more from Herbaland, Blume, Prairie Goodness and K-So! MYSTERY PRIZES ($80+ value each): Winners announced throughout May 7, 2024 - May 30, 2024 Sponsored prizes from: Herbaland Blume Prairie Goodness And more!
  • Will Plant Curious have more vegan deals after Bingo is over?
    Yes, Plant Curious will be launching it's membership after Plant-Powered Bingo is over! There will be more vegan deals to enjoy all year long!
  • When is Planted Expo's Vancouver Event?
    Planted Expo Vancouver is Saturday June 1st and Sunday June 2nd! Check them out and get your tickets at
  • What restaurants are participating in Vancouver's Plant-Powered Bingo?
    Virtuous Pie, Aleph Eatery, To Live For, Kokomo, Vegan Shoku, Meet in Gastown, Feast & Fallow, Mila and The Cider House!
  • Can I use my deals for dine-in and take-out?
    Yes! Most restaurants allow dine-in and take-out unless otherwise indicated (e.g. "Dine-In Only"). You'll see dining options indicated under the deal image when you click to expand a deal, so be sure to check there! See image for visual clarification.
  • Are any of the deals gluten-friendly?
    Yes! Each deal with a gluten-friendly option will be indicated as such so there is no guesswork! The "Gluten-Friendly Deal Option" indication is displayed below the deal image when you click to expand the deal. See image for visual clarification. If you want to order the gluten-friendly option, please specify when ordering. Note: if you have celiac dietary needs, you will need to confirm with the restaurant if their gluten-friendly option is also celiac-friendly.
  • How much will I save playing Bingo?
    Every featured bingo dish is 25% off! We have 9 fully vegan restaurants that each have one featured dish for bingo!
  • What if a merchant won’t honour my deal?
    Restaurants do reserve the final right to honour deals. However, if this occurs please let us know by email at so we are aware of the issue and can contact the restaurant directly to work towards a resolution.
  • Having tech issues?
    If so, please let us know via email at or Instagram direct message at @thisisplantcurious We appreciate your feedback as we get this launched!

If you have a question, check out our most frequently asked questions below to help you out!

If you still can't find an answer, feel free to send us an email at

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